Homestay Hosting

As a WorldChicago homestay host, you are able to build lifelong international relationships and deepen cross-cultural understanding for your family, the Chicago community, and the world. By opening your home to global guests, you are allowing the world to learn about American culture and the daily life of everyday Chicagoans.

WorldChicago Homestay Host
WorldChicago Homestay Hosts welcome international guests for an overnight stay or a month-long stay while they interact with everyday Chicagoans to share their diverse stories, cultures, and unique experiences.

Benefits of Homestay Hosting

Bring the World to your Family

As a family, single adult, couple, or any other everyday Chicagoan that welcomes global guests into your home, you create opportunities for you and your community, especially the children, to learn more about the world and the diverse people, cultures, and stories that create it. This is a wonderful way to teach understanding and acceptance for the next generation and practice it for the older generation.

Enrich your Community

By opening your home to WorldChicago's international visitors you bring a new perspective, a new culture, and an unique story that helps your community build acceptance and engage in new and diverse thinking.

Build Global Relationships

There is no better way to learn about someone else than through one-on-one conversation. Share the stories that go beyond a first encounter and build a foundation for lifelong friendship from the unique experience of becoming a homestay host.

Extend Your Family

Homestay hosts provide a bed and most meals, but more importantly welcome your visitors as members of the family.

Pro Fellows from Europe visit Millennium Park

This group was given such an amazing opportunity and, as a host family who was able to get to know them—so were we. Every night when we sat down for dinner, our world was made a little bit bigger by their experiences of the day.

Dova, Homestay Host for Youth Programs

Hosting Requirements

Are you interested in hosting a guest? Check out some of the requirements we ask of our hosts to provide the visitors with a great experience.

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