Homestay Hosting

WorldChicago homestay hosts open their homes to our international adult and youth visitors for short-term homestays ranging from one week to one month. As a homestay host you take on a special role as a cultural ambassador, with a unique opportunity to share our American culture and at the same time learn about another part of the world.

Extend Your Family

Homestay hosts provide a bed and most meals, but more importantly welcome your visitors as members of the family.

Pro Fellows from Europe visit Millennium Park

This group was given such an amazing opportunity and, as a host family who was able to get to know them—so were we. Every night when we sat down for dinner, our world was made a little bit bigger by their experiences of the day.

Dova, Homestay Host for Youth Programs

Hosting Requirements

Are you interested in hosting a guest? Check out some of the requirements we ask of our hosts to provide the visitors with a great experience.

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Homestay hosting international visitors

Homestay Hosting Experiences

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Please list all persons living in your household, including their age and relationship to you (children, relatives, roommates, etc). Note that for youth programs, all persons over 18 must pass a criminal background check.

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