What is Citizen Diplomacy?

WorldChicago is the leader in:
Fostering mutual understanding through creating and supporting dynamic global relationships;
Connecting Chicagoans with their global counterparts; and
Building personal and professional bridges to create opportunities for dialogue, economic prosperity, and goodwill.

Citizen Diplomacy is the idea that individuals have the right and responsibility to help shape U.S. foreign relations through person-to-person interactions with citizens of other countries (Center for Citizen Diplomacy).

Can you imagine a world where...

Teenagers become the intercultural peace-builders of tomorrow?

Local Chicago entrepreneurs learn how to excel in the global marketplace through mentorship and understanding with entrepreneurs from across the globe?

Every person identifies as a global citizen, dedicated to promoting social justice and empowerment of the disenfranchised, both here in Chicago and around the world?

This is the world of Citizen Diplomacy.

Global Reach

There are over one million exchange program alumni around the world — including almost 1,700 government ministers and 364 current and former heads of state.

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708 International Visitors

In 2018, WorldChicago hosted 708 international visitors from 137 countries. Our programming and the contributions of our volunteer hospitality and professional hosts provide enriching opportunities for global idea-sharing, networking, and professional development.

Exchange Alumni

  • Help build a more peaceful and prosperous world
  • Connect local government to overseas counterparts to share best practices and find solutions to local challenges together
  • Return home with valuable experiences and great impressions of Chicago
  • Make a positive impact in their home communities through follow-on projects
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