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What better way to interact with international visitors than through a meal? Home hospitality allows you to make deeper connections by hosting an international delegation at your home for dinner.

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Let us know how many visitors you would like to host, and we will match you with your perfect dinner guests.

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Somewhere between dinner, dessert, and a glass of wine or two, we all realized that if it were left up to individual people to connect one on on… the whole world would get along.

Deanna, Hospitality Host for IVLP Group

The World at Your Table

As a hospitality dinner host, you provide the home-cooked meal; your visitors will provide interesting tales from their home countries, their impressions of America, and everlasting gratitude.

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Every experience is unique and always rewarding… You can’t imagine the excitement, energy, and affection these young people displayed for each other and their families… Each family felt it is a tremendous learning experience for their own children. We know that their warmth and generosity makes a huge impression on our young guests and their attitudes towards our country.

Carol, Hospitality Host and Former WorldChicago Board Member

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For more info on dinner hosting or homestay hosting contact mspillman@worldchicago.org.

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